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On November 21, 2016, one of our lawyers, Samantha de Wit, spoke at the Welcoming Ceremony for Judge Jennifer Barrett at the Courthouse in Victoria, BC on behalf of the Victoria Bar Association.

Judge Barrett, previously a family and child protection lawyer in Victoria, was appointed on June 20, 2016 and will serve in the Provincial Court primarily on Vancouver Island.

The Welcoming Ceremony offered a number of speakers, including Chief Judge Crabtree, Regional Administrative Judge Higinbotham, and representatives of the Attorney General, Law Society of BC and CBA BC Branch, to tell an audience of fellow Judges, lawyers, friends and family about Judge Barrett’s past as an avid athlete and hard-working lawyer both in Ontario and BC, and the great respect held for her by her fellow colleagues.

Samantha spoke to the packed courtroom about Judge Barrett’s various contributions to the practice of law and told some fun stories showcasing Judge Barrett’s sense of humour and kindness to those around her.