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If you are transitioning out of your current family relationship, you will want to determine how you and your spouse will deal with your financial and family affairs now and in the future.

The law provides guidance on these issues and you and your spouse, with or without lawyers, can negotiate an agreement to divide your assets and debts, determine whether and how a spouse will be supported financially, how your children will be supported financially, how parenting time and contact will work, and how decisions about the children will be made. If you and your spouse can come to an agreement together, you will save a lot of emotional and financial turmoil, and it may make the separation process much easier on the whole family.

The separation agreement usually outlines separation dates, living arrangements, financial arrangements to manage the shared capital, and any details related to the care of the children.  You may also want to create a parenting plan within the separation agreement, which will outline how you will split the time with the children, parental responsibilities, financial duties, and any other issues related to the children.

If you are struggling to reach an agreement with your partner regarding the separation, we can help you to create an interim separation agreement, which may be a temporary or final separation agreement, or negotiate a final separation agreement on the issues that remain outstanding. Once an agreement is finalized, it can be registered with the Court so it can be enforced as if it were an order made by the Court.

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