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With the complicated nature of family law issues such as separation, surrogacy, elder care or settlement agreements, it can often help to have a lawyer representing you and your legal interests. This is called “negotiation”, and it’s when your lawyer communicates with the other party (or their lawyer) on your behalf to resolve any disputes and reach an agreement on the issues.

Negotiation is used in a number of family law issues and it’s a step that many people resort to in order to resolve their problems before going to court. Negotiation can often lead to using other processes, like 4-way meetings, mediation, arbitration or mediation/arbitration. When dealing with issues such as divorce and custody, tensions and emotions can easily run high, so it helps to have a professional representing your interests and negotiating on your behalf.  Once negotiation is underway, we are able to help you assess what other steps may be necessary to resolve the outstanding issues.

We will work with you to understand your rights and interests, and to represent those interests based on your instructions, what is important to you, and your legal position, in order to help reach an agreement that you’re satisfied with.

It is important to us that that we assist client’s outside of court where it is appropriate to do so, so that parties can reach a consensus on how they want to address matters, reduce the possible legal fees that would result if went straight to court, and maintain a cooperative relationship between parties moving forward.

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