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Mediation is a method that is commonly used to resolve disputes that arise between parties in family law cases. Mediation provides an alternative to the traditional court route, and professional mediators are trained to help families and couples to settle their disputes together, and come to an arrangement that works for the parties’ involved.

Clients often seek mediation when they’re going through a divorce and are struggling to reach a settlement with the other party, or when there are children involved and the client is having difficulty reaching an agreement about splitting time, parenting arrangements, or anything else relating to caring for children.

A mediator’s role is to provide a neutral stance and not take sides. Negotiations are held in a calm and civil environment, and the independent mediator will help to facilitate negotiations and work with both parties. The mediator cannot offer advice, however they will help with communication and the processes involved with the issue. The mediator isn’t a counsellor, although they may have a counselling background, as the primary purpose of mediation is to help both parties come to an agreement and understanding in an supported and civilized environment.

Mediation may not be the best solution in all situations, such as in cases of abuse and violence, however it’s a very common step to help with negotiations and resolve disputes outside of the court room. It’s very effective when both parties are struggling to find a compromise.

All of our lawyers are trained to work with mediators to help client’s resolve issues outside of court.

Trudi L. Brown, Q.C., Kay Melbye and Shauna Tucker of our firm are also certified Family Law Mediators, who can provide mediation services to clients directly, or clients and their respective lawyers. They can assist parties when it comes to resolving family law issues surrounding parenting, property division, support and elder issues.

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