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 On April 8th, 2016, Trudi Brown, along with Mary Mouat of Quadra Legal Centre, will be speaking at a Canadian Bar Association Talk regarding: Maintaining an ethical practice: what are we doing wrong?

Those in attendance will be Young Lawyers and Family Lawyers.

This talk will cover a range of subjects of interest to young lawyers in all areas of practice, and will be of particular interest to lawyers of all levels of experience who practice family law. Ms. Brown and Ms. Mouat, both senior female members of the B.C. Bar, will have an interesting perspective to offer to women lawyers at all stages of their practice.

Keri_Coles_Photography_BHM_020The talk will be organized into three parts.

Ms. Mouat will start off the discussion by sharing her observations on important ethical obligations under the Code of Professional Conduct, the Family Law Act, and her own experience in practice.

Ms. Brown will then share her thoughts on “what we’re doing wrong” in terms of maintaining an ethical and effective practice.

The talk will conclude with a series of situational questions put to our speakers, along the lines of “what should you do if…”