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We generally charge you an hourly rate based on the depth and breadth of the work done by the particular lawyer as well as our entire team.

The cost of legal services varies and factors that affect the cost include:

  • the other party’s frankness and cooperation in disclosing information and sharing documents
  • the need for valuations of businesses, property and pensions
  • the degree of hostility between you and the other party
  • the wait for an available court date (and the possibility that the court may be over-booked and your case delayed to later date).

If you want to leave all the legal matters to us we provide comprehensive legal services every step of the way through multi-faceted, complex situations.  Whether your case involves multiple business interests, a range of assets, various locations, unique circumstances for the children involved, or other variables we draw on our team’s breadth of knowledge, practical experience as well as your priorities to best guide you through the legal considerations and complexity until your situation is resolved.

If you want to do a lot of the work yourself we may be able to work with you on an unbundled approach which means we help you with a single or a few defined items such as drafting a letter, agreement or affidavit which can keep legal costs lower and may better equip you to implement legal decisions or agreements over the long term.

Together we can discuss the options available and find the solutions that work for you.