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Divorce is a legal process that results in a court order confirming that the marriage has ended. Only spouses who are legally married can get divorced.

In Canada, married spouses who have been separated for more than one year are eligible to apply for a divorce. Spouses who have experienced adultery or cruelty in their marriage may also apply for a divorce after having been separated for less than one year (although that process is more complicated).

Divorce is a complex family law issue that can cause a lot of stress and emotion. Hiring a family lawyer to help with your divorce proceedings will help you to make informed decisions about your future, your finances, assets, children, and other matters.

Unfortunately, divorce does not always in itself resolve all other issues that have arisen from the breakdown of a relationship. Parenting arrangements, child and spouse support, or the division of family property and debt are issues that must be dealt with along with the divorce, so a family lawyer can help you to come to the best arrangement to suit you and make the divorce process as simple as possible, taking into account your personal, legal, and family needs.

A divorce cannot be finalized, except in exceptional circumstances, unless the issues of parenting, support and property division have been resolved.

We can work with you to provide you with advice and legal services concerning divorce and separation, civil partnership dissolution, the division of family assets, joint property disagreements, child and spousal support arrangements, parental disputes, and anything else related to divorce.


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