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Mary Lou – Legal Assistant

Mary Lou was born in Ottawa and graduated from Algonquin College in 1977 with a Legal Assistant Certificate.  Not wanting to work in the government oriented town, she sent her resume to lawyers across Canada where she had relatives living.  She ended up in Edmonton and then eventually with her young family to Victoria.  She has said that her next move should have been to Hawaii if she kept going west, but instead did a couple of “back and forth” moves to Alberta.  She was married, but is now single with 3 sons, two of whom are married and have provided Mary Lou with 5 wonderful grandchildren.

Mary Lou has worked in a number of legal fields over the years, but has concentrated the bulk of her legal career on civil litigation and family matters.  She enjoys the opportunity to connect with clients and tries to provide a listening ear for them.  She enjoys learning new things, which is good because she started out her legal career using an IBM Selectric typewriter and has moved through all the changes in technology working on mag cards to word processors through to the systems used today.

In her non-work time, Mary Lou enjoys singing and until recently was in 2 community choirs and Church choir.  She loves to read and especially loves her iPad where she currently has over 500 novels.  Knitting has become a new hobby and she wants to try to learn to crochet as well.  If not with her grandchildren, she can be found doing any of these activities.